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Park Systems, the leading nanotechnology solutions partner for the most accurate and reliable AFM results, will exhibit at the ACS Fall Meeting in Denver, Colorado from Aug. 28th to Sep. 1st. Please come and visit us at Booth#1710 to learn our wide range of research AFM products. We will display the all new XE-100 Plus, the Park Systems’ flagship AFM, with a motorized sample stage for Step-and-Scan Automation and improved drift rates.  Also, find out more about the XE-150, our premier cross-functional AFM with motorized sample stage, and the XE-Bio, our new AFM for live cell imaging with Ion Conductance Microscopy (ICM).  All the XE-series of products feature artifact free imaging by Crosstalk Elimination (XE), True Non-Contact mode, and the ultimate in AFM resolution.