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Park Systems, the preferred nanotechnology solutions partner for the most accurate AFM results, cordially invites you to visit our booth(# 411) at the 2011 American Chemical Society Spring Meeting in Anaheim, CA USA (March 27th-31st). The exhibition will take place at the Anaheim Convention and Exhibition Center, Ballrooms Rooms 201-213, 303 & 304. Please, stop by our booth to learn our wide range of research AFM products. We will display the all new XE-100 Plus, the Park Systems’ flagship AFM, with a motorized sample stage for Step-and-Scan Automation and improved drift rates.  Also, find out more about the XE-150, our premier cross-functional AFM with motorized sample stage, and the XE-Bio, our new AFM for live cell imaging with Ion Conductance Microscopy (ICM).  All the XE-series of products feature artifact free imaging by Crosstalk Elimination (XE) and non-destructive scan by True Non-Contact mode.