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Park Systems will attend 2018 International Symposium on Epitaxial Graphene in Tianjin, China. As a world leading manufacturer of atomic force microscopy systems, Park Systems provides the most accurate and yet very easy to use AFMs. Join us at Tianjin University Faculty Club building,Booth A16.

Park Systems creats the world's most accurate line of nanoscale microscopy and metrology tools for research and industrial applications. Our innovative features, such as True-Non Contact™ mode and cutting-edge automation, set our products apart from the competition and make Park Systems AFMs the easiest to use and most advanced AFM's available.


  • Event Dates: July 22-27, 2018
  • Venue: Tianjin University Faculty Club building
  • Our location: Booth A16


About the TISEG:

The TISEG revives the tradition of the Georgia Tech, Science and Technology of Epitaxial Graphene meetings (STEG 1, STEG 2 ,and STEG 3) bringing together international leaders in the field to focus the effort and clarify the research goals.Since STEG 3 epigraphene has evolved considerably. Important advances have been made in epigraphene growth, patterning, and intercalation with a wide variety of materials. Great strides have also been made in understanding the electronic structure and new electronic transport properties have recently been discovered, that are nothing short of spectacular.It is fully expected that exciting and important discoveries will continue to bring us closer to realizing graphene nanoelectronics.

Link: ticnn.tju.edu.cn/meeting/Home.html