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Nanomaterials  Webinar -  September 8, 2016


Join us for a webinar to learn about one of the cutting-edge applications of nanoscientific research:

The Nanoscience of Drilling Fluids

 Join us for a series of lectures featuring materials sciences expert Professor Rigoberto Advincula of Case Western Reserve University! With considerable expertise in the design, synthesis and characterization of new polymers and nanoscale materials, Prof. Advincula has designed a series of lectures in order to share the latest developments in nanomaterials research in a variety of applications and fields.

Drilling fluids are some of the most indispensable tools used in the field of geotechnical engineering. Used primarily to aid in drilling boreholes into the earth, drilling fluids have become essential for the day-to-day operation of oil and gas wells, exploration rigs, and water well excavations. Historically, drilling fluids have been used to eliminate cuttings and lubricate/cool drill bits. However, modern drilling fluids have been specially engineered at the nanoscale level to add further utility including supporting the structural integrity of the drilled hole as well as the prevention of formation fluids from entering the drilled hole. Further benefits of drilling fluids include increasing the efficiency at which hydraulic energy is transmitted to the drill bit and the mitigation of corrosion caused by factors such as dissolved gasses.

This talk looks at the nanoscience being employed to enhance drilling fluid performance. With conventional water and oil-based drilling fluids more likely to experience undesirable effects such as polymeric deterioration and gelation, nanoscience engineers have begun looking at nanoparticle-based additives to eliminate these key drawbacks and maintain (or improve) critical performance. Discussion on the mechanics of drilling fluids and speculation on where their development will go will be covered in a supplementary Q&A session after Prof. Advincula's talk.

Presented by Prof. Rigoberto Advincula
Macromolecular Science & Engineering, Case Western Reserve University

About Prof. Rigoberto Advincula

Prof. Rigoberto Advincula, Director of the Petro Case Consortium, is recognized industry-wide as an expert regarding polymer and materials challenges of the oil-gas industry. He is currently a Professor with the Department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering at Case Western Reserve University and is the recipient of numerous awards including Fellow of the American Chemical Society, Herman Mark Scholar Award of the Polymer Division, and Humboldt Fellow.

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Thursday, September 8, 2016


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Thursday, Sep 8, 2016


9:00 am – 10:00 am (PDT)
San Francisco, Los Angeles

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Cleveland, New York

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm (BST)


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Nanotechnology &
Drilling Fluids
New drilling fluids are now using nanoparticle additives to enhance desirable properties.
Image Credit: Frackwire

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