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Dr. Xudong Wang is an Assistant Professor in the department of Materials Science and Engineering at University of Wisconsin-- Madison. His research includes studying the growth and assembly of oxide nanowire arrays, understanding the coupling effect of semiconductor properties and piezoelectric charge displacement, and developing nanogenerator that uses piezoelectric nanomaterials to convert lowlevel mechanical energy into electricity. He is the recipient of DARPAYoung Faculty Award, 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award, Ross Coffin Purdy Award, Young Innovators Under 35 Award, and KAUST research fellow.

He has published 49 papers in peer reviewed scientific journals, contributed 7 book chapters in his research field, and holds 5 patents/provisional patents on oxide nanostructures and nanomaterial-enhanced energy harvesting. His publications have been cited over 3,600 times by peers and his current h-index is 27. Dr. Wang conducts his research using Park AFM (atomic force microscopy www.parkAFM.com).

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