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 Environmental-Technology-Conference 2019

The Advanced Research Group on Environmental Technology Conference 2019 will be held in Ajou University, Suwon during June 27-28, 2019.
Park Systems is proud to announce its participation as an exhibitor.

Join us at the Advanced Research Group on Environmental Technology Conference to learn more about our cutting-edge atomic force microscopy solutions for your research and industry application needs.
We look forward to discussing your particular nanoscale research/engineering challenges as well as the solutions we have ready to meet your requirements.

  • Event Dates: June 27-28, 2019
  • Venue: Ajou University, Suwon, Korea
  • Display Equipment: Park AFM “NX10”


About the Korean Society of Environ Engineering:


  • • Fostering the academic development of Environment Engineering
  • • Improving the status of Environmental Engineers
  • • Developing the technology of Environmental Engineering
  • • Researching and consulting the Conservation of Environment
  • • Increasing the network opportunity among members



  • • Publishing books and academic journals (KSEE and EER)
  • • Organizing conferences, symposiums, and field trips
  • • Researching, developing, and guiding the prevention of pollution
  • • Establishing the standards and the terminologies of Environmental Engineering technology
  • • Granting Awards to those who have contributed to Environmental Engineering
  • • Networking with domestic and international organizations related to
  • • Environmental Engineering

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