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Featured Applications

Single Live Cell Observation and Study by Ion Conductance Microscope (ICM)

-  ICM Image of Suspended Collagen Fibrils

Ion Conductance Microscope (ICM) is useful for obtaining contact-free images of the surface topography, and it has been used for imaging cultured cells under liquid conditions. The Approach-Retract-Scan (ARS) mode is a new mode of Park ICM, which is especially powerful for imaging samples with steep slopes.  To examine the applicability of the ARS mode for imaging biological samples with greater height gaps, dense collagen fibril networks were examined by Park ICM. 

Click here for the full application note on this application.

-  Cell Volume Measurement by ICM

Ion Conductance Microscope (ICM) is a useful tool for obtaining non-invasive images of cell surface topography.  Recently, it has been used for imaging single live cells in culture medium. Cell volume is one of the most important factors in cell research because the regulation of cell volume is fundamental to cellular homeostatic mechanism. ICM can provide accurate volume measurement of cells because it can acquire quantitative dimensional information. Furthermore, it can calculate cell volume change over time caused by physiological environment or as its cell status changes. In this paper, single live cell of HEK293T was successfully imaged and its volume changes were monitored using Park ICM. 

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Featured Product

201202-q1-xe-bio-afmPark XE-BioSingle Live Cell Imaging and Ion Conductance Microscopy

Park XE-Bio is a powerful 3-in-1 nanoscience research tool that uniquely combined Ion Conductance Microscope (ICM) with True Non-Contact mode AFM and inverted optical microscope on the same platform. The modular design of Park XE-Bio allows easy exchange between ICM and non-contact AFM.Designed for single live cell imaging, the combined imaging capability of ICM, AFM, and inverted optical microscope makes Park XE-Bio ideal for imaging biological samples, such as single living cells, in dynamic conditions. Moreover, ICM can be adapted to enable a host of powerful applications in nanoscale electrophysiology. 

    Click here for the detailed product information.

News and Events

Park Rewards for Application Notes


We are pleased to announce Park Rewards for Application Notes program on the use of Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) in your research or industrial application.  The reward for each accepted application note is a box of high quality Park AFM cantilevers valued at $400 (USD).  There will be no limit on the number of prizes that will be given out.  So, please roll up your sleeves, get on your computer and type away an interesting or informative AFM application note to us and receive your reward!

General Guideline
Length:  500 ~ 1500 words
Content:  Title, Introduction, Main body, Conclusion, References
Images:  should have at least 2 scanned images

The accepted application note will be published on ParkAFM.com website, in its newsletters and/or in any other media decided by Park.
For any questions, or to send in your applicationnote for rewards entry, please email us to <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>.

Free AFM Webinar - Park NX10: The World's Most Accurate AFM



America: Tue. 3-13-2012
Asia:      Wed. 2012-3-14
Europe: Wed 14-3-2012
America:  5:00 PM (EST)
Asia:  5:00 PM (KST) 
          1:30 PM (IST)
Europe: 2:00 PM (GMT)
45 minutes 
Ryan Yoo, VP of Global Sales  and Marketing


Please join us for  an interactive webinar to learn more about  breaking technologies at Park
Systems. We will walk you through thebenefits of Park NX10, talk to you about our Park nano
technology solutions for your application needs, and show you a short overview of technology 
behind  Park NX10. At the end, we will leave time for you to ask any questions you may have.

Register for a session now by clicking a date below:

Tue, Mar 13, 2012 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM EST (America)
Wed, Mar 14, 2012 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM IST
Wed, Mar 14, 2012 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM GMT

Once registered you will receive an email confirming your registration with information you need to join the Webinar.

Meet Park at the Opening Reception of Biophysical Society Meeting

Park Systems is a proud officialsponsor of the Biophysical Society's 56th Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA from February 25 to 29, 2012. The opening reception will be sponsored by Park and it will be held on Saturday, February 25, from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. The reception will serve enjoyable light meal and refreshment, and Park will exhibit and display the XE-Bio, a powerful single live cell imaging tool that uniquely combines Ion Conductance Microscope (ICM) with True Non-Contact mode AFM and inverted optical microscope on the same platform.  All registered attendees are welcome to attend the reception, the conference's most anticipated networking event. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to mingle with other attendees and make new contacts. We also look forward to meeting you there!

Click here for the full events article

3D AFM Solutions at the SPIE 2012 Meeting

San Jose, USA, Feb. 13, 2012 - Park presented 3D AFM Solutions at the SPIE Scanning Microscopy 2012 Meeting in San Jose, California (USA) on February 13th~16th, 2012 (Metrology, Inspection, and Process Control for Microlithography XXVI, Session 5, Ctr Ballroom J2, 10:30AM). Dr. Yueming Hua, a Park  Applications Scientist based in Park US, Santa Clara, CA, have discussed recent 3D AFM developments pertaining to sidewall imaging and sidewall roughness measurements. Dr. Hua's talk, titled "Advanced 3D Metrology with the Crosstalk Eliminated (XE) Atomic Force Microscopy," addressed techniques that overcome the resolution limitations observed in previous "flared tip" 3D AFM approaches. In conjunction with non-contact AFM imaging from Park, 3D AFM offers an ideal solution for critical metrology measurements of photoresists and other soft materials. After the meeting, Dr. Hua commented "One thing I've noticed from the conference is that many people are starting to notice how important non-contact AFM is for their lithometrology applications. I am excited about the 3D (AFM) system. It is a unique design which provides a real solution for the challenging problems of measuring sidewalls and undercuts." 

here for the full events article

Upcoming Exhibitions

Biophysical Society 56th Annual MeetingFeb 25~29, 2012, San Diego, USA - (Booth #615)

Park Systems is a proud official sponsor of the Biophysical Society's 56th Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA from February 25 to 29, 2012. Come visit us at Booth 615 to see Park XE-Bio, the new bio AFM for live cell imaging, a powerful 3-in-1 microscope that combines industry's only True Non-Contact AFM, Ion Conductance Microscope (ICM), and inverted optical microscope into one instrument.   See the latest product options and applications in live cell imaging and learn about non-invasive, high resolution, in-liquid imaging technique for live cells. More information about Park XE-Bio will be available at Park booth.

APS March Meeting 2012
Feb 27~29, 2012, Boston, USA - (Booth #111)

ACS Spring 2012Mar 25~27, 2012, San Diego, USA - (Booth #1310)

MRS Spring 2012Apr 9~13, 2012, San Francisco, USA - (Booth #209)

E-MRS Spring 2012May 15~17, 2012 Strasbourg, France - (Booth #01)


Accurate Image from Park AFM

Suspended collagen fibril networks imaged by ICM of XE-Bio

* Line profile analysis is based on the red line indicated in the ICM image.

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