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  Q2 2013

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Semicon West 2013
July 9th ~ 11th
San Francisco, USA

September 4th ~ 6th 
Tokyo, Japan

ACS Fall 2013
September 8th ~ 12th 
Indianapolis, USA


Park Q2 Webinar 

M&A Cover Story

with Prof.Hae-sung Lee

with Enterprise Network

The Most Accurate Atomic Force Microscope 
  icon Featured Application: Automatic Defect Review
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Automatic Defect Review (ADR) speeds up and improves the way defects in substrates and media are identified, scanned, and analyzed. 

Using the defect location map provided from an optical inspection tool, Park ADR automatically goes to the defect location and images the defects in two steps: (1) a larger, survey scan image to refine the location and (2) then a smaller, zoom-in scan image to obtain the details of the defect. Test runs with real defects demonstrate a 10x increase in throughput for defect review in an automated process when compared with more traditional methods of defect review. READ MORE

icon Featured Product: Park NX20
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Park NX20, the leading nanometrology tool for failure analysis and large sample research, is equipped with unique features that make it easier to uncover the reasons behind device failure and develop more creative solutions. Its unparalleled precision provides high resolution data that lets you focus on your work, while its True Non-Contact Mode™ scan keeps tips sharper and longer, so you won’t have to waste as much time and money replacing them. READ MORE

icon Park Research Interview Series: Prof. Hae-sung Lee
201306 q2P s2

Prof. Lee: As my research field is related to chemistry, I usually use AFM to evaluate the nano-structure and characteristics of materials. 
For the last 20 years, I have been using 4-5 different kinds of AFMs to do experiments, and since I joined the University of Junju in 2007, I have been using versatile Park Systems equipment for my teams’ experiments. 

Park LIVE 
AFM Webinar
June 26-27
Part 1

Park NX10
The Quickest Path to Innovative Research

Park NX20
The Leading Nano Metrology Tool for Failure Analysis and Large Sample Research
Part 2

Single Live Cell Imaging With Park Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy (SICM) 
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