Crosstalk Elimination

Flat Orthogonal XY Scanning Without Scanner Bow

Park's Crosstalk Elimination removes scanner bow, allowing flat orthogonal XY scanning regardless of scan location, scan rate, and scan size. It shows no background curvature even on flattest samples, such as an optical flat, and with various scan offsets. This provides a very accurate height measurement and precision nanometrology for the most challenging problems in research and engineering.


Decoupled XY and Z Scanners

The fundamental difference between Park and its closest competitors is in the scanner architecture. Park’s unique flexure based independent XY scanner and Z scanner design allows unmatched data accuracy in nano resolution in the industry.

XY-ZScanner AFM
Accurate Surface Measurement

“Flat” sample surfaces

  • Low residual bow
  • No need for software processing (raw data)
  • Results less dependent on scan location

Dual Servo System for Orthogonal XY Scan

The XY flexure scanner decouples the X and Y scan motion so that coupling between X and Y movement is minimized at any scan location, rate, and size. Dual position sensors provide linear and orthogonal feedback control for the highest accuracy and precision for any scan size and sample, large or small.

2D-100nmHighly Linear and Orthogonal XY Scan

Industry Leading Z Scan Linearity

With Park's Crosstalk Elimination, the flexure-guided Z scanner is decoupled from the X and Y scan motion. This allows the Z scan motion to be kept in a precise straight line. The Z scan linearity of the flexure guided scanner is less than 0.015%, enabling an accurate and precise angle measurement in the nanoscale.


Park AFM provides the most accurate nano imaging data with its Crosstalk Elimination technology. It eliminates surface curvature for a wide variety of sample type and size, and it provides a flat, highly linear and orthogonal XY scan, with an accurate and precise angle measurement.