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Life science has a direct connection in improving the quality of life for all of humanity. Advances in this domain have innumerable applications in the health, pharamaceutical, and agricultural industries. As time marches on, we are pressed by new challenges to better understand the phenomena of life not yet illuminated by the light of science. One such daunting frontier is at the nanoscale. Applying atomic force microscopy (AFM) to life science, researchers are now allowed to begin exploring the darkened mysteries at this border with the unknown.

Researchers using Park AFM in life science can acquire the nanoscale morphology of biological samples accurately and easily. Of particular use is the the force-distance spectroscopy that AFM provides. This technique allows for the characterization of biological materials along such physical properties as stiffness, adhesion, and even its Young's modulus with sub-nN level precision.

Furthermore, Park AFM has developed an innovative in-liquid imaging technology, Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy (SICM). This technique has enabled researchers to study complicated physiological phenomena in liquid directly, something not possible with conventional microscopes. Not only are physiological biomaterials and live cells able to be imaged with Park SICM, but various pipette-based applications can be integrated into the investigation such as patch clamping for ion channel signal detection, electrochemical reaction analyses, and even nanoinjections or nanobiopsies.

Upgrade your materials research capabilities with Park AFM

The characterization of biological nanomaterials has always been a technically difficult challenge for researchers and requires instrumentation with the versatility to match ever-changing application needs. Park Systems offers a high quality AFM product line replete with corresponding accessories, software, and complementary technologies such as Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy (SICM) to tackle a wide range of nanoscale research demands.


Park NX10

Park NX10 helps life science researchers study biomaterials at the nanoscale. AFM’s high resolution enables the observation and comprehension of nanostructures in biomaterials at the cellular level such as organelles and even DNA and RNA. Furthermore, using force distance spectroscopy via AFM, life scientists can examine various biomaterial physical properties on the order of nanonewtons.

Park NX10 SICM Module

Park NX10 SICM provides life science researchers with both AFM and Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy (SICM) techniques on the same Park NX10 system. SICM enables life scientists to image biomaterials in a liquid environment therefore allowing for the discovery of the true morphology of biomaterials in a totally non-invasive way.

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