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Finding new materials with innovative characteristics at the nanoscale have helped guide the development of many industries in the modern age. Such materials have been behind breakthroughs in sectors such as energy, transportation, and life science.

To investigate and characterize innovative nanomaterials, scientists choose Park AFM. Our technical know-how and deep knowledge of various applications helps researchers find a way to examine their samples with unmatched accuracy and productivity.

Characterizing electrical, magnetic, mechanical, and morphological properties of materials are possible with the dedicated operating modes available with Park AFM. With this versatility, our customers can upscale their research capabilities and continue kindling the spirit of innovation and progress brought about by breakthrough nanoscale investigations.


Upgrade your materials research capabilities with Park AFM

The characterization of nanomaterials has always been a technically difficult challenge for researchers and requires instrumentation with the versatility to match ever-changing application needs. Park Systems offers a high quality AFM product line replete with corresponding accessories and software to tackle a wide range of nanoscale research demands.


Park NX10

Park NX10 is today’s standard AFM for materials research. With Park NX10, materials scientists can demystify the nanoscale fundamentals of innovative materials. Researchers can secure a high rate of productivity and accuracy when scanning a material regardless of the sample’s softness, especially when using our True Non-Contact™ mode.

Park NX10 SICM Module

Park NX10 Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy (SICM) provides materials researchers with both AFM and SICM techniques on the same Park NX10 system. SICM is a practical solution for imaging materials that are ultra-soft or otherwise difficult to scan in liquid. The Park NX10 SICM Module is an add-on option that integrates with an existing Park NX10 system. 

Park NX7

Park NX7 provides similar AFM capabilities as the Park NX10, but at a more affordable price for a wider number of research labs. Many materials scientists choose Park NX7 to simultaneously satisfy a need for research-grade AFM performance and a limited budget.

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