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Master Yourself - Make the most out of your AFM

Since the invention of atomic force microscopy (AFM) by Binnig, Quate, and Gerber in 1985, the field of nanotechnology and nanoscience has expanded far beyond imaging just topography at the nanometer scale. In this educational webinar series, you will learn all about "feeling" the surface with an AFM tip to gather a variety of information about your sample.

By participating, you will:

- perfect the primary imaging techniques and learn how to make the most of your cantilever,
- learn to acquire your images in a fast and repeatable way via making the most of the easy automation features,
- boost the quantitative and qualitative investigation of material properties via combining the most of advanced imaging modes
- make your time at the lab most effective and optimize your research results.

Join us and master yourself in imaging any type of surface, including polymers, 2D materials, composites, biomaterials, and more.



Make the most out of your tip: the benefits of True Non-contact mode imaging  





Make the most out of your time: the benefits of easy automation for AFM  





Make the most out of your potential: the benefits of single-pass sideband KPFM  

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Make the most out of your interaction: the benefits of PinPoint™ Nanomechanical AFM 

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