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Applications - Manufacturing Review

Limitations of Conventional 3D AFM



Flare Tip

 Flat and very wide bottom portion of the tip (>100nm)
 Unable to produce detailed image of sidewalls
 Limited accessibility to significant undercut samples
 Slow scan rate & low resolution


Tilted Step-in Tip

 Essentially tilted piezotubescanning both XY & Z
 Point by point mapping
 Low & limited resolution due to “step-in” approach
 Very slow scan rate


Innovative XE-3DM Technology Overcomes the Challenges


High Resolution Access to Undercut and Sidewall

 Two independent XY and Z flexure scanners for sample and tip
 Z-scanner tilted sideway from -38o to +38o
 Access to overhang sidewall
 Use of normal high aspect ratio tips for high resolution imaging


Image of Undercut Overhang: Metal Overhang Structure



3D View of High Resolution Sidewall Scan

Complete 3D Metrology of Sidewall
 High Resolution Sidewall Roughnesss Measurement
 Critical Angel Measurement of Sidewalls
 Critical Dimension Measurements of Vertical Sidewalls



Sidewall Roughness Measurement



Undercut & Sidewall Characterization


- Need to measure the sidewall roughness, angle and the width of bottom, middle, and top
- Characterization of soft photoresist surface by non-destructive imaging


Challenges in Accessing Sidewall


Conventional AFM cannot get access to the sidewall, especially for overhang features


Other methods, such as the flare tips, are insufficient in obtaining the high resolution details of the sidewall due to its dull tip. For a deeper overhang, the bottom width cannot be reached at all.


For Undercut Characterization and Sidewall Metrology

Continuing the company’s impressive track record of developing optimized solutions, Park Systems introduces XE-3DM, an automatic AFM which revolutionizes the way trench, overhang, and undercut features are scanned and analyzed. The new XE-3DM also makes possible to image soft photoresist structures without deforming or damaging it.


Advanced Inline Automation
- Automated reference marker detection
- Automatic Data Acquisition and Analysis of Trench, Overhang, and Undercut

- High Resolution Access to Undercut and Sidewall
- Non-Destructive CD and Sidewall Measurements by True Non-Contact Mode
- Soft Photoresist Structures Can Be Imaged Non-Destructively
- Critical Angle Measurement of Sidewalls
- Automatic Tip Exchange (optional)